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a WHOLE LOT of features I wish I could add to C++


aLL abOUt Me?

A WAV file that had me laughing out loud: TECHNICA.ZIP. It's a recording of a guy talking to technical support, and he's freaking out and losing it! Really funny.

AntiQuark.com - an embryonic web page

www.pangea.ca/~derekr - some more experimentation

Extraterrestrial Intelligence: If it's there, then why can't we hear it?

The Transactional Interpretation of Quantum Physics: This guy argues that interaction between particles occurs both in real time, and NEGATIVE time. IE, the particles communicate by sending virtual photons backward in time. He sez it solves some of the tough problems, like Schrodingers Cat.

Photo Gallery of my Trips to Banff (Winter and Summer)

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!!! The controversial picture of Carla and John.

Space 1999 Eagle page. Photo gallery of the original models used in the series.

AltaVista offers LANGUAGE TRANSLATION SERVICES! Go look at http://babelfish.altavista.digital.com . I translated my Sailor Moon page from English to French, then to English again.What I got was:

Original Page : Sailor Moon: Neat Things
English to French: Lune De Marin: Choses Ordonnées
Then back to English Again: The Moon Of Sailor: Ordered Things

Yeah, I think the translator needs a little work. It translated "Glamour shots from Lysator" to "Projectiles of charm of Lysator"!

Welcome from MARS

Visit JPL: http://mpfwww.jpl.nasa.gov/default.html

Here's the theme tune for Mars:
Mars, The Bringer of War (77K, MIDI)

Yes, I know that Sailor Moon is no longer "KeWL", and that the series has been cancelled in Japan, and that only pre-adolescent girls watch the show, and that my SM page is full of dead links, but my "Back Street Boys" page is still under construction, so here is MY CONTRIBUTION TO THE SOCIAL ABERRATION KNOWN AS SAILOR MOON

QUESTION: What happens when you give a bunch a scientists a blank cheque and tell them to get to Saturn?

ANSWER: You get a 5 ton, 3.3 billion dollar behemoth that will take seven years to reach its destinition.

Hey... ya wanna make LOTS OF MONEY?

Honda's Robot Man
  ** AS SEEN ON TV! **  

Height: 6'
Weight: 205 kg
Battery Life: 15 Minutes
Visit Honda's Robot Man Page

Derek Ross: derekr@escape.ca


Scientific American

American Scientist

The Economist

STL: Interview with the creator of the Standard Template Library, A. Stepanov. He really slams Java in this article, says it's an example of money oriented programming (MOP) and says Java "does not smell nice". My kind of guy!

Which TOOLS did I use to make these pages? AOLpress, WS_FTP, and sometimes EWAN Telnet.

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